Cost and Buying Guide for E-Liquid


        electroniccigarette  An electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer can be described as a tobacco free product, though it has potentiality to provide you the original flavor of cigarette smoking with the assistance of e-liquid filled in its cartomizer. Hence it can be accumulated to get pleasure of uninterruptible experience of electronic cigarette, you must acquire knowledge regarding e-liquid which is the most necessary part of any electronic cigarette.

          While discussing on the subject of e-liquid, the circumstance also necessitates that you must be aware regarding the costing aspect e-liquids available in the market. As populace are more inclined towards building a habit of enjoying the vapor experience of electronic cigarette, lights should be focused on the price ranges of e-liquids. The question arises in the mind whether electronic cigarette smoking may cost expensive than tobacco cigarette or not. The answer is it falls under the affordability of populace and would lead them to great savings.

          Refilling the cartomizer of any electronic cigarette with e-liquid require 35-40 drops of e-liquid which you can easily obtain in the market in a bottle of 1 milliliter of e-juice. Study shows, the amount of 35-40 drops of e-liquid is quite enough to refill any standard electronic cigarette tank.

          From the aspects of puffing style, as smokers can be alienated in different categories, the task of calculating the figure that how many tobacco cigarettes would fall under the roof of 1 milliliter e-liquid, become hazardous. Though with assistance of studies or researches or reviews on vaping community it can be accumulated that 2 milliliter of e-liquid is approximately equivalent to 2 packets of tobacco cigarette.

          Henceforth with the help of above mentioned calculation it can be summarized that a bottle of 10 ml of e-liquid would cover 5 packets of tobacco cigarette, a 15 ml bottle of e-liquid would worth 7.5 packets of tobacco cigarette, 30 ml bottle of e-liquid would last equivalent to 15 packets of original cigarette and finally the bottle of 50 ml of e-liquid available in the market would lead you to cover approximately 25 packs of tobacco cigarette.

          Now the focal point should be the price ranges of e-liquid widely available in the world market. From studies it can be mounted up that the starting range of a packet of tobacco cigarette would be $ 6 on an average and it may go up to $ 12.

Therefore the result shows:

  • 10 ml bottle of e-liquid which cost usually $ 6.99 lead to $ 1.40 for a pack of smoke in electronic cigarette vapor.
  • A bottle of 15 ml of e-liquid that costs $ 9.99 will be equivalent to $ 1.33 per pack.
  • 30 ml bottle of e-liquid that costs $ 19.99 will be equal to $ 1.32 per pack.
  • Finally if you prefer to purchase a bottle of 50 ml of e-liquid that offer the price range of $ 29.99 will be comparable to $ 1.19 for per pack.

          Conclusion can be drawn that if your preference is to enjoy long and deep puff from your personal vaporizer, then also you may save upto $ 1.500 per year.

          Considering the price ranges of e-liquid mad how far the habit of electronic cigarette may save your pocket, you must accumulate information regarding the buying guide for e-liquid as it is concerned with your health.

          It is well known to the users of electronic cigarette that the prime two components of e-liquid is propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. You may also have the facility to get pleasure of both the components in one e-liquid which would be the mixture of both substances. FDA has approved both these constituents for human consumption which lead to the fact that it has mere harsh effects on human body. Therefore it can be assumed that building up a habit of vaping electronic cigarette would be safer alternative than tobacco cigarette.

          While discussing regarding the buying guide of e-liquid suggestions would refer to purchase the mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin based e-liquid. The reason behind this suggestion would be stated below:

          Propylene glycol:

  • Provide enhanced throat hit
  • Thinner consistency of this pattern of e-liquid makes easier the task of refilling the atomizer.
  • No added flavor, hence the original flavor can be enjoyed.

Vegetable glycerin:

  • Generates more vapor.
  •  Less harsh and adds sweetness to the vapor.
  •  Usually does not lead to any allergic reactions.

Consequently it may be assumed that combination of these two components would be right choice for you though the final choice should be yours whether you wish to get the pleasure of strong tobacco felling or want to add little sweetness to it.