A complete guide to e-liquid steeping


e liquid steeping

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Some of the common questions asked by new e-cig users are:

  1. What is steeping?
  2. How is it done?
  3. How long the e-liquid should be steeped?

Steeping as in related to e-cigarettes is a term used to denote the process or the processes that is involved in blending, ageing and maturing of the e-liquid to a point at which the best flavor of it can be obtained.

The process of steeping is observed in various other industries as well like alcohol and cake industries. Steeping provides the best flavor and hence, it is a very important procedure involved in e-cigs.

Steeping e-liquids allow the best flavor to come out and helps to get rid of any harsh flavors. Steeping also allows the flavors to blend together as it lets the flavor to age and mature. Flavors need to mix in with the base liquid molecularly so that you can experience it in the best possible way. The flavoring agents combine with propylene glycol or PF and/or vegetable glycerin of VG in the e-juice. Apart from this, air is also required for oxidation and this in turn will quicken the process of steeping. So, it is important that you let the liquid interact with the air outside and sometimes leave the cap off but make sure that you do it properly. Heres a list of their tobacco e liquid

The juice becomes dark after steeping and this is an indication of the fact that the liquid has matured due to the molecular interaction of nicotine. It has generally been seen, the higher the content of nicotine is, the darker with be the liquid and the quicker would the liquid mature.

There are many steeping methods that are normally used and most of them are tested and are known to improve the quality of the e-liquid. Till date, there has not been a single case when steeping had worsened the quality of the e-liquid.

Here are some steeping e liquid methods i found over at www.ichorliquid.co.uk  click for more info I thought could be helpful to you all.


This is the most traditional method e-liquid steeping and also the most trusted ones. As mentioned above, this involves leaving the top of the bottle open so that the air can interact with the liquid present inside. This will improve the quality and flavor of the juice. All that you need to do is keep the open bottle in a warm and dark place for about 1-2 days or about a week. Occasionally, squeeze the bottle to expel the air out and allow fresh air to take its place. This is a natural process and also the best one and the disadvantage is the time it takes.


If you want to reduce the steeping time in the above mentioned method, then you try this out. Shake and stir the bottle vigorously as many times as possible.

Hot water bath

Take some warm water in a bowl and place the bottle in it. This would also shorten the time the liquid takes to mature. It makes the liquid thin and allows the molecular interaction to take place in a short time. But there is disadvantage of this method. Hot water can degrade the quality of nicotine present in the liquid and is considered its enemy. Hence, make sure that you use warm water and not hot water.


This is another steeping method that is being widely used these days. Microwave just like the above method improves fusion at the molecular level when the liquid is placed inside the microwave and is switched on. But again, you need to keep in mind that heat can degrade the quality of nicotine present in it and hence, if you have chosen this method, then make sure of not blasting the liquid inside the microwave for more than 1-2 seconds. And make sure of taking the cap off first from the bottle.

You can go for any of the above mentioned method and then keep the bottle in a warm and dark place in order to lessen the steeping time. The quality of your e-liquid will improve considerably. These are some of the methods that you can use at your home though there are many other complicated methods as well that involves the use ultrasonic waves as well.

Lastly, we look for answers to the last question and that is how long you should steep the liquid. The answer is simple and is “as long as the liquid takes”. The juices that you purchase are not the same and hence, the time required would also be different and might need some experimentation from your side.