A complete guide to e-liquid steeping


e liquid steeping

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Some of the common questions asked by new e-cig users are:

  1. What is steeping?
  2. How is it done?
  3. How long the e-liquid should be steeped?

Steeping as in related to e-cigarettes is a term used to denote the process or the processes that is involved in blending, ageing and maturing of the e-liquid to a point at which the best flavor of it can be obtained.

The process of steeping is observed in various other industries as well like alcohol and cake industries. Steeping provides the best flavor and hence, it is a very important procedure involved in e-cigs.

Steeping e-liquids allow the best flavor to come out and helps to get rid of any harsh flavors. Steeping also allows the flavors to blend together as it lets the flavor to age and mature. Flavors need to mix in with the base liquid molecularly so that you can experience it in the best possible way. The flavoring agents combine with propylene glycol or PF and/or vegetable glycerin of VG in the e-juice. Apart from this, air is also required for oxidation and this in turn will quicken the process of steeping. So, it is important that you let the liquid interact with the air outside and sometimes leave the cap off but make sure that you do it properly. Heres a list of their tobacco e liquid

The juice becomes dark after steeping and this is an indication of the fact that the liquid has matured due to the molecular interaction of nicotine. It has generally been seen, the higher the content of nicotine is, the darker with be the liquid and the quicker would the liquid mature.

There are many steeping methods that are normally used and most of them are tested and are known to improve the quality of the e-liquid. Till date, there has not been a single case when steeping had worsened the quality of the e-liquid.

Here are some steeping e liquid methods i found over at www.ichorliquid.co.uk  click for more info I thought could be helpful to you all.


This is the most traditional method e-liquid steeping and also the most trusted ones. As mentioned above, this involves leaving the top of the bottle open so that the air can interact with the liquid present inside. This will improve the quality and flavor of the juice. All that you need to do is keep the open bottle in a warm and dark place for about 1-2 days or about a week. Occasionally, squeeze the bottle to expel the air out and allow fresh air to take its place. This is a natural process and also the best one and the disadvantage is the time it takes.


If you want to reduce the steeping time in the above mentioned method, then you try this out. Shake and stir the bottle vigorously as many times as possible.

Hot water bath

Take some warm water in a bowl and place the bottle in it. This would also shorten the time the liquid takes to mature. It makes the liquid thin and allows the molecular interaction to take place in a short time. But there is disadvantage of this method. Hot water can degrade the quality of nicotine present in the liquid and is considered its enemy. Hence, make sure that you use warm water and not hot water.


This is another steeping method that is being widely used these days. Microwave just like the above method improves fusion at the molecular level when the liquid is placed inside the microwave and is switched on. But again, you need to keep in mind that heat can degrade the quality of nicotine present in it and hence, if you have chosen this method, then make sure of not blasting the liquid inside the microwave for more than 1-2 seconds. And make sure of taking the cap off first from the bottle.

You can go for any of the above mentioned method and then keep the bottle in a warm and dark place in order to lessen the steeping time. The quality of your e-liquid will improve considerably. These are some of the methods that you can use at your home though there are many other complicated methods as well that involves the use ultrasonic waves as well.

Lastly, we look for answers to the last question and that is how long you should steep the liquid. The answer is simple and is “as long as the liquid takes”. The juices that you purchase are not the same and hence, the time required would also be different and might need some experimentation from your side.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Help you to Quit Smoking?

cigarette111Smoking as we all know is injurious to health and in spite of   being written in bold in each and every cigarette pack, it is still difficult for smokers to call it quits. Smoking nicotine is such an addiction. An alternate to this dangerous habit is discovered in the form of electronic cigarettes. A survey showed that only two percent of the US smokers used them in 2010 but that rose to thirty percent in 2012. Research by ASH also shows that usage has grown threefold from 700,000 to 2.1 million users in the last couple of years.

What is  electronic cigarettes?

They are devices which are battery -powered, contain nicotine and flavourings like chocolate, mint or bubble gum and they vaporize the liquid in it. Not containing tobacco they aren’t cigarettes in the actual sense. Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) or vaporisers are the alternate names and they are designed to look and feel actual. Since smoke is not produced, therefore it is marketed as less harmful.

The three categories of electronic cigarettes:

Disposable ones: the ones that are use and throw and cannot be charged.

Rechargeable kit: wherein the prefilled cartridge can be replaced.

The vaporiser with a reservoir: the cigarette is recharged when finished with the liquid nicotine from the tank.

How does it work:

They are made to resemble a cigarette and are often called ciga-like, have a light at the end that glows when a user draws on the appliance exactly like a lighted cigarette. There is propylene glycol and glycerine mixed with nicotine, the level varying in each. Most also contain flavourings. When you suck on the appliance, the liquid in the cartridge gets heated and evaporates. The sensor in the appliance detects this vapour, gives the user the feel of the nicotine. There is no smoke as such but sometimes when the smoker exhales some nicotine vapour is surely released in the air.

The safety quotient:

If you compare it with an actual cigarette then it’s definitely on the safer side but total safety cannot be guaranteed. Presence of toxins cannot be good for health but the levels are lower and not harmful as such. Different researches have proved that a little bit of toxin is well tolerated and the adverse effects are milder comparatively. The key is to wean yourself off nicotine by gradually lowering your doses.

Are the passive smokers affected by the vapour of an e-cigarette?

When you smoke an e-cigarette you don’t exhale smoke but a vapour which consists of propylene glycol and glycerine. Nicotine is also present but only about one tenth of a real cigarette. Most importantly you don’t smell this vapour, so a non smoker in the room might not even understand anything.

Are the e-cigarettes good enough for the real smokers to quit?

A study confirms that the likelihood to succeed in giving up nicotine is sixty percent more if you used an e cigarette compared to trying an anti nicotine patch or gum. Though most people think that an e cigarette could be a replacement, according to experts,  if used in the correct form it can be a powerful tool to help you quit.

When you are a smoker and you want to quit completely it is not easy, so many have adopted a stop gap which is taking recourse to a vaporiser. Therefore most smokers are using them to give up smoking since it creates abstinence in them. Even if it is superficial, another effective feature of an e cigarette is reduction in craving for a puff, a symptom of withdrawal, which is good enough.

Advertising of electronic cigarettes should be regulated:

There is always a huge risk that inappropriate advertising at times glorifies and glamorises smoking, leading youngsters to venture out on wrong or half baked information. Questions are thus raised on pro-smoking messages. ASH has laid out a list of rules to be carried out by the manufacturing companies. No nicotine product can be advertised to promote smoking tobacco, should lower the glam-quotient and the youth and children should never be the target audience.


The toxic materials that we inhale when we smoke are associated with most diseases, especially cancer, so in comparison to that nicotine is safer and are a better alternative to smoking. Second hand smoking exposure is reduced since there is no smoke. But nevertheless nicotine is a highly addictive substance and most smokers are not certain about the amount they should consume might cause untoward incidents. Therefore the regulation of this product needs to be defined especially the advertising, the promotional campaigns and the sponsorship, so that the children and the youth don’t get addicted without full information. ASH still does not support the inclusion of this vaporiser under smoke free laws that would prohibit the usage in enclosed areas.

Below is a video on this subject

Cost and Buying Guide for E-Liquid


        electroniccigarette  An electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer can be described as a tobacco free product, though it has potentiality to provide you the original flavor of cigarette smoking with the assistance of e-liquid filled in its cartomizer. Hence it can be accumulated to get pleasure of uninterruptible experience of electronic cigarette, you must acquire knowledge regarding e-liquid which is the most necessary part of any electronic cigarette.

          While discussing on the subject of e-liquid, the circumstance also necessitates that you must be aware regarding the costing aspect e-liquids available in the market. As populace are more inclined towards building a habit of enjoying the vapor experience of electronic cigarette, lights should be focused on the price ranges of e-liquids. The question arises in the mind whether electronic cigarette smoking may cost expensive than tobacco cigarette or not. The answer is it falls under the affordability of populace and would lead them to great savings.

          Refilling the cartomizer of any electronic cigarette with e-liquid require 35-40 drops of e-liquid which you can easily obtain in the market in a bottle of 1 milliliter of e-juice. Study shows, the amount of 35-40 drops of e-liquid is quite enough to refill any standard electronic cigarette tank.

          From the aspects of puffing style, as smokers can be alienated in different categories, the task of calculating the figure that how many tobacco cigarettes would fall under the roof of 1 milliliter e-liquid, become hazardous. Though with assistance of studies or researches or reviews on vaping community it can be accumulated that 2 milliliter of e-liquid is approximately equivalent to 2 packets of tobacco cigarette.

          Henceforth with the help of above mentioned calculation it can be summarized that a bottle of 10 ml of e-liquid would cover 5 packets of tobacco cigarette, a 15 ml bottle of e-liquid would worth 7.5 packets of tobacco cigarette, 30 ml bottle of e-liquid would last equivalent to 15 packets of original cigarette and finally the bottle of 50 ml of e-liquid available in the market would lead you to cover approximately 25 packs of tobacco cigarette.

          Now the focal point should be the price ranges of e-liquid widely available in the world market. From studies it can be mounted up that the starting range of a packet of tobacco cigarette would be $ 6 on an average and it may go up to $ 12.

Therefore the result shows:

  • 10 ml bottle of e-liquid which cost usually $ 6.99 lead to $ 1.40 for a pack of smoke in electronic cigarette vapor.
  • A bottle of 15 ml of e-liquid that costs $ 9.99 will be equivalent to $ 1.33 per pack.
  • 30 ml bottle of e-liquid that costs $ 19.99 will be equal to $ 1.32 per pack.
  • Finally if you prefer to purchase a bottle of 50 ml of e-liquid that offer the price range of $ 29.99 will be comparable to $ 1.19 for per pack.

          Conclusion can be drawn that if your preference is to enjoy long and deep puff from your personal vaporizer, then also you may save upto $ 1.500 per year.

          Considering the price ranges of e-liquid mad how far the habit of electronic cigarette may save your pocket, you must accumulate information regarding the buying guide for e-liquid as it is concerned with your health.

          It is well known to the users of electronic cigarette that the prime two components of e-liquid is propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. You may also have the facility to get pleasure of both the components in one e-liquid which would be the mixture of both substances. FDA has approved both these constituents for human consumption which lead to the fact that it has mere harsh effects on human body. Therefore it can be assumed that building up a habit of vaping electronic cigarette would be safer alternative than tobacco cigarette.

          While discussing regarding the buying guide of e-liquid suggestions would refer to purchase the mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin based e-liquid. The reason behind this suggestion would be stated below:

          Propylene glycol:

  • Provide enhanced throat hit
  • Thinner consistency of this pattern of e-liquid makes easier the task of refilling the atomizer.
  • No added flavor, hence the original flavor can be enjoyed.

Vegetable glycerin:

  • Generates more vapor.
  •  Less harsh and adds sweetness to the vapor.
  •  Usually does not lead to any allergic reactions.

Consequently it may be assumed that combination of these two components would be right choice for you though the final choice should be yours whether you wish to get the pleasure of strong tobacco felling or want to add little sweetness to it.